Ongoing, Upcoming, and Planned Museum Projects

"Tinker Bell" Locomotive

"Tinker Bell" is an EMD SW1 Switcher Locomotive built in 1940 that was used at the Peabody Lynnville Mine from 1968-1999. The engine sat parked on a siding track until Peabody Energy offered it as a donation to the Museum in 2010. On June 30, 2011 the locomotive was relocated to the Museum where it was stripped and repainted to resemble how it originally looked when it started working at Lynnville. It was officially dedicated on October 6, 2011. Since then, a dedicated volunteer at the Museum has worked on restoring the interior of the cab.

Company Store & House

A building to contain both a company house and company store will be built on the museum property. The purpose is to educate on how people lived during the 1880-1930 time period in Company-owned dwellings. Traditional construction methods will be used for the building, and traditional period items will be housed within.

We are building a ‘company store and house' at the Museum of the Coal Industry with the assistance of donated materials, funds, and volunteer time. The single building is being built back-to-back with the house on one end and the store on the other. Including the porches on each end, it will be 20’ wide by 62’ long. The house will have four rooms, and the store will consist of one large room. Rough-cut lumber is used in order to help make it as authentic as possible. The foundation actually sits on pillars just as buildings did in the late 1800s up to the mid 1900s. We feel this is a very important piece of history and we want to replicate and furnish the buildings with everything from that era as closely as we can.

October 2012 status: The building is framed with the rooms petitioned off. The trusses have been set and with the assistance of some generous donations we hope to attain our goal to complete the roof before the weather season changes.

Lynnville Walking Path

A walking path is currently planned to be built from Lynnville along State Road 68 to the Lynnville Park, and it will pass through the Museum property helping to facilitate more pedestrian visitors.

Bucyrus 50B Shovel Restoration

Ongoing restoration project for the first electric rope shovel built by the Bucyrus Erie company in Evansville.